Sustainable innovations in Agriculture using
Natural Products

Since the beginning of 2023 we have introduced our new website We will no longer post news on the DeBroers website or keep this updated. Please visit us at our new website and contact us for more information about our sustainable products at

Our research, sustainable solutions and agronomical expertise


Our research focusses on innovation of crop protection with natural compounds. Sustainable solutions that support farmers in growing healthy crops, assist greenkeepers and sport field maintenance in superb pitches and gives society the tools for home growing vegetables and fruits.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainability is an essential value in all type of businesses. In our research we have discovered that multiple molecules from nature can play a major part in the use of sustainable solutions. In lowering the impact that certain business processes have on the environment we provide our customers important improvements that substantial lower the impact.

Our sustainable solutions are of use in a wide range of business segments. Industrial, agricultural and scientific applications of our products and solutions support our international customers in reaching their sustainable objectives.

Agronomical expertise

With our agronomical expertise we strive to accelerate sustainability within agriculture, nursing plants in and around homes and in sport and golf pitches. Our agronomical and marketing expertise supports our customers in managing the opportunities with biological solutions.

Contribution Provincie Noord Holland

Our research in the feasibility of our sustainable solutions has been supported by our Province North Holland via the MIT. We are thankful for their contribution to support the essential activities for small business enterprises.

About DeBroers

DeBroers is an initiative of the Klaver brothers.

DeBroers is founded by Cor and Ton Klaver who have their origine in the Stolpen – ‘t Zand in the top of North Holland. Their father was a hard working man in agriculture and as they were born and raised in the farmland area, they have never lossed their farm feelings. Both having their own international businesses in different industries they discovered by travelling abroad new oppertunities of sustainable farming. With a good sence of business they knew that this had to be brought to live in the Netherlands from where this can encounter the world. Chitosan is the first example of being brought to the market by DeBroers as a sustainable solution that fits in circulair economy with agriculture by and from nature.