Extension of crops on label chitosan hydrochloride

31 January 2021

European extension towards more sustainable flowerbulbs and sugarbeets

The SCOPAFF meeting of January has approved our request for extending the label of the basic substance chitosan hydrochloride. This is great news for farmers of sugarbeet and flowerbulbs whom can include chitosan hydrochloride in their program of sustainable crop protection.  The extension request was submitted almost a year ago and fully met the requirements of the EU.

The search for less chemical dependency in protecting crops is still a rough road but now has a solution that helps farmers of sugarbeets to increase their sustainability goals in growing a healthy crop. Sugarbeet farmers are facing less effective chemical solutions to control Cercospora and need more alternatives to reach the end of the growing season.


Chitosan hydrochloride is available as Charge in all European countries by ADAMA.